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Australia’s super-emitters

Coal mining is one of the biggest sources of methane pollution in Australia. Some mines pollute huge amounts of methane into the air each year and have been labelled Super-emitters

Satellite data shows Glencore’s open cut Hail Creek coal mine is one of the worst methane super-emitters in Australia. Its methane pollution makes up 20% of Australia’s total methane pollution from coal mining, while accounting for just 1% of national coal production. Glencore’s Oaky North coal mine was also found to be a methane super-emitter. 

BHP-Mitsubishi and Anglo America own other mines in Queensland’s Bowen Basin that also pollute hundreds of thousands of tonnes of methane every year.

Coal mine


Methane pollution per year

Hail Creek



Broadmeadow, Moranbah North,

Anglo American


Oaky North




Anglo America

*Figures with a star group mines that are closely located. Source: Sadavarte et al (2021)

Without using satellite data, Global Energy Think Tank, Ember, uses company reporting and methane intensity in coal seams to estimate that a handful of coal mines pollute huge amounts of methane across Queensland and New South Wales.