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Minister Bowen can fix Australia’s broken methane measurement rules

Minister Bowen can fix Australia’s methane measurement problem by turning expert advice into action and forcing dirty coal and gas polluters to face reality about the extent of their methane emissions.

Cutting methane from the energy sector is the fastest strategy to reduce global warming by 30% this decade and avoid dangerous climate tipping points. Rapidly cutting methane could avoid 0.5C of warming this century. 

Australia is dangerously under-reporting super-polluting coal and gas methane pollution by 60-90%. Current methane measurement methods are broken and allow companies to guess rather than accurately measure their emissions.

The first step is to require companies to accurately measure their emissions and publicly report them. The Government’s Climate Change Authority recommends shifting to the direct measurement of methane pollution and investing in the Government’s access to the latest measurement technologies to ensure companies are telling the truth about their pollution.

We need Minister Bowen to match our peer countries on methane action and improve Australia’s methane measurement, or Australia will remain at the back of the pack and miss crucial emissions reduction opportunities.