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Methane Action Plan

Methane is a super-polluting gas, turbo-charging the climate crisis. Methane is responsible for a third of all global warming to date. Methane's potent climate warming effect means even small amounts have an oversized impact on our climate and  environment and human health. 

Methane is a blowtorch, pushing us from global warming to global boiling. It's turbo-charging climate disasters, like floods and fires that harm millions of people across the world. 

Methane also increases asthma, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Super-polluting methane causes more than 1 million premature deaths a year because it increases toxic ground-level ozone.

Methane leaks are a significant and dangerous safety risk in coal and gas mining. Leaking methane harms worker health and is a major explosion risk. For example, the Russelvale coal mine in NSW had several methane explosion incidents in just a few years and has now been shut down due to safety risks. 

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition outlines that methane’s super-polluting impacts on climate change and public health contributes to a yearly loss of roughly 400 million hours of work globally due to extreme heat.

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