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Australia must do better. We can get Australia’s mining pollution to Methane Zero. We can do this by stopping new coal and gas, cutting back mining pollution, and closing super-polluting mines.

Experts tell us that reaching Methane Zero is the single biggest and fastest way to reduce global warming to safe levels. Cutting methane means we can protect places we love. It also keeps our communities safe from worsening floods, fires, and extreme heat.

The Australian Government signed the Global Methane Pledge. Now, they need to make good on their promise with a National Methane Action Plan. The plan must bring coal and gas mining to Methane Zero.

Your Work Matters!
If you work in sectors that can contribute to achieving Methane Zero, your role is especially crucial. If you choose to help us by providing details about where you work and what you do, you empower us to strategically collaborate with industries that have the power to effect substantial change. Whether you're in technology, engineering, or policy advocacy, your unique skills can be instrumental in driving the transformation towards a methane-free future.

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Your registration is a commitment to a sustainable, resilient future. By joining the network you can share updates and help advocate for change, pushing governments and companies to prioritize methane reduction and safeguard our planet from the escalating threats of floods, fires, and extreme heat.

Together, we can turn the tide. Register now and be a part of achieving Methane Zero!