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Coal, oil and gas mining are some of the biggest methane polluters, releasing billions of tonnes of methane all for profits for billionaire mining companies. Mining companies lie about their methane pollution because they are not required to accurately estimate or measure methane.

For years, Australia has been called out by the International Energy Agency and independent scientific research for dramatically under-reporting its methane pollution.

Australia’s methane pollution is 60-90% higher, well over DOUBLE, what we officially report to the UN.

This is because Australian and State Governments allow coal and gas companies to use out of date and inaccurate methods to estimate and measure super-polluting methane. Without requiring companies to use accurate methane measurement tools and techniques like satellite monitoring, Australia will continue to be a methane super-polluter.

Methane is responsible for ⅓ of Australia’s emissions but the Australian Government has no plan to make companies cut methane pollution.