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Methane explained

You’ve probably heard of “Natural Gas” - unfortunately that gas is super-polluting methane, a dangerous and harmful fossil fuel.

Methane traps over 80 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, turbo-charging floods, fires and climate disasters.

Coal is found underground and methane gas forms within lumps of coal. When coal mining companies dig out coal, methane gas is released and polluted into the air and atmosphere. Gas mining companies drill into coal seams to suck out methane, leaking and releasing super-polluting methane in the process.

Mining coal and gas is even dirtier and more polluting than companies tell us, because of huge methane pollution that they aren’t required to measure. This harms our health, communities, water and climate.
Methane is responsible for a third of all global warming to date. Methane is a blowtorch, pushing us from global warming to global boiling.

Carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere for hundreds to thousands of years. It only takes about a decade for methane to break down. Getting coal & gas to Methane Zero as soon as possible will help reduce climate impacts in the next few decades.